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No matter how you spell it, it’s the most popular Jewish holiday!  Why is this so, and what exactly is this holiday all about?  Share with us some of your Hanukah experiences in the comments section!  Chag sameach :)


  1. Linda

    Thank you so much dear Andrea, these are really deep thoughts and makes me want to scrutinize every meaning behind the surface even more…You have a gift of explaining deep thoughts in understandable words…thank you for sharing this gift with the world…with me…HaShem is shining His light through you to reach out to others…amazing!
    And about the ‘boss issue’…you’re totally right…G’d will be with me and He will give me the words to say on Dec. 19th…thank you for your thoughtfull words!
    May you be blessed as you’ve blessed me…
    Chag sameach,

    • Thank you so much, Linda. I will be thinking of you on the 19th. Just remember that the infinite is there hugging you for the whole time :)

  2. Linda

    Dear Andrea,
    Today I had THE yearly talk with my boss…everything went so well and smooth…She didn’t even mention that I wear tichels now…how amazing does HaShem work?!
    She was so kind and positive, I felt such a relief and love from HaShem…toda raba Adonai!!
    Again, dear Andrea, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement… <3

    • Linda, that is wonderful news!!!! I am so so happy to hear this!!

  3. I shared this on my blog. You are such a special soul in the world.

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