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Three NEW Tichel Videos!

Here are three new tichel videos discussing vastly different topics!  Glasses, Detailed Basic Ties, and the Saris Scarf! Click on the following pages to check out the new videos! –> Tichel Tying for Glasses Wearers –-> Detailed Tutorial on Basic Square Scarf Ties (for beginners and those that need a review!) –> How To Wear …

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… you asked!

Here is your answer! I received quite a few messages asking for a DETAILED description on how to do a Regal Wrap (aka turban).  Here you go!  This video shows you how to do a basic (with lots of hints) and then some variations.  The whole video is only 7 minutes and in it I show how …

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We have a winner!!

BY FAR the most requested tie was the double braid twist. Enjoy! The other ones will be posted soon, bli neder :) Elegant Double Braid Twist

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New Ideas (Cast Your Vote!)

Vayehi Internet (and there was internet!) Hello everyone!  These are four new exciting tying ideas that I’ve been experimenting with.  I love them all so much that I can’t decide which one to make a video tutorial of.  Which one would you like me do first?  Cast your vote! #1 – Shabbat Formal: #2 – …

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How to do a new gorgeous head wrap!

Here’s a tutorial on how to do a fancy regal wrap with hanging ties!  This is my current favourite way to tie my long scarves.  Enjoy!

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Site Makeover and more Hair Wrapping Tips and Tricks!

Hello Everyone!  I’ve given the site a bit of a makeover (see left column). I added some new Q and A in the Hair Covering Tips and Tricks section… enjoy and let me know if you have any other questions that you’d like answered! You can now find this site at andreagrinberg.com – MUCH BETTER!! …

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The awesomest wrap!

Just made a video of how to do an amazing Layered Volumous Regal Wrap!  This is an intricate tie that I wear very often… try it!

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Lots of tichel tutorials!

Made a new video showing how to do twisty braids with your tichel. How to do pigtails and a fancy double braided updo! How to do a double twist wrap… AND how to do some easy Israeli tichel ties! At the bottom of every instructional video, I added a blurb mentioning what music I have …

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