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This Past Weekend…

Something happened to me over Tu B’Shvat this weekend that I want to share.  I would love to hear if you have had similar experiences and/or if you have any feedback for me.  This is not your usual “harmony & synergy” video.  No inspiring conclusions, no exciting ideas… just something that I am dealing with …

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Current Events

As a somewhat public figure representing observant Judaism, you may wonder about my thoughts on the current war that is happening.  Usually when I can’t find true insight or answers, I don’t write, and that is the case right now.  However, I know that my silence may convey something that is not in keeping with …

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A New Year!

Rosh Hashana (lit. head of the year) is often referred to as the ‘Jewish New Year’, but if you look at the Jewish Calendar, you’ll notice that it is celebrated on the seventh month of our year… why is this? On this day, we are not commemorating the creation of the Jews. Instead, we are …

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Back in Jerusalem

My husband and I have just arrived back in Jerusalem.  :) Read some of my thoughts feelings about returning home: https://andreagrinberg.com/ideas/201205-back-in-jerusalem/

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