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3. Colours of the World

You know those times in your life when lots of BIG things are happening?  And there are tons of factors that you can’t control yet you are at the mercy of these factors?  I’m going through that right now… from not knowing to where we’re going to live this summer to finding a job for next year to trying to tie up loose ends in Chicago while setting up all of our different plans for the next months.  Lots of travel, people to see, opinions to consider etc.  There are so many things up in the air that can’t be brought down by sheer will (which is my go-to tactic :P ).

We’ve all been here.  I’ve had times in my life like this before, some of them much more stressful in retrospect!  Obviously the best way to cope is to recognize that I have absolutely no control over how things play out, but I still need to put in tons of effort while letting go, and to recognize without a doubt, that everything will work out.

I had a bit of an epiphany today which I’ll to do my best to share.  It’s such a small thing, but the impact was huge!  I realized that when there are life-changing decisions to be made and outcomes out of my control,  it’s best to take a step back… and very good way to do this is to GO SMALL.

Yes, go small.  In the midst of panicking, I suddenly noticed my fingernails, which are currently painted a vivid turquoise, which is my favourite colour.  You might have noticed on this site, which is covered in it!

Looking at my fingernails made me think about turquoise and my favouritism of it, and how this relates to colour in general.  The world is such a beautiful, colourful place, and even the colours that I don’t “like” as much are stunning when put into context.  After meditating on the colours of the world for a while, my “bigger” problems no longer seemed so stressful.

With that in mind, I decided to fill my day with as much turquoise as possible.  See for yourself… I might have gone a bit overboard!  (But it is making me very happy.)

My Ode to Turquoise:  
There are so many beautiful colours in the world, but you are one that that I am drawn to.  As though you were made just for me.  The one that I always return to, that makes me smile the most.  You calm and uplift.  Sooth and excite.  The earth and the sky… as one.

I am truly grateful for this beauitful colour, and for all of the colours of the world.  For if the world was completely turquoise, I would no longer be drawn to it in the same way.  If the world was only filled with my favourite emotions/moments/things, the ones that give me the most pleasure, I would have no motivation to seek them out.

There is a time for everything.  Times of tension are here so we can learn how to react gracefully, and appreciate the resolution.  There is a place for every colour in the world, and just because I have a favourite doesn’t mean that I appreciate the others any less.

So let’s give a “l’chaim” (toast) to all the colours of our lives.  To the dull and the shiny.  To the pale and the vivid.  To the dark and the light.

And now I’m curious… what is your favourite colour and why?


  1. I have been in love with blue for the past 3, or so, years it seems, but as an Aries, I tend to be naturally drawn to Red. And orange. But red seems to be everywhere around me. I hate painting my nails, but when I do it is always red. Classic and simple. It is a bold colour and you have to be able to handle the ride it takes you on. I like that ride. ;) Red hair and pinkish-red skin. Red scarfs. Red vespa!!! And the best thing about that was that once I saw it, I knew that it was meant to be mine. The timing, of course, helped out but it being used could have meant it was any colour. But it was red. I know it plays more of a role in my life then I have maybe emotionally describes here, but it my colour. I love this post. And mazel tov again for reaching so many people!!! <3

  2. Charity

    Wow! I love the picture of you with all the turquois on. You look so beautiful.

  3. Absolutely turquise with a hint of green (like the mediterrainian sea).

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