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1. When Times Get Rough…

It’s those moments, when the world throws you the most “unfair” circumstance, when you can’t stop hurting because you are trapped and confused. It’s those moments that you sometimes can’t help but lose yourself. You search in the darkness, trying to find the light that you once knew. And you remember those times when you embraced truth and truth embraced you, and you wonder, what happened? You continue to search even though you feel hopeless, because all you know is that you are lost and all you want is to be found again.

And then with time… as always, you realize that the light never left. And you start to yearn even more, for that which you know has been there all along. And then you realize that all the loss and confusion was just because you decided in advance what life should look like. But now you know that you don’t know. You stand up and are surprised that the ground beneath you is still solid. And then you remove your blinders and realize that what is staring you in the soul is more beautiful than you ever imagined.

(March 2011)


  1. So well put thank you! Describes a situation that i can relate to :).

  2. Ellen H. Center

    Sometimes we all have situations like that!!!! I have had it a couple of times already and I wish the Almighty did not give me so many tests!!!!!!! but I hope that I did pass

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