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From My Life to Yours ~ Let's Build Some Bridges!

2. Our Bridges

While speaking to a friend yesterday, I was reminded of an incredible analogy that was given to me when going through a difficult time.  It is such a beautiful idea, and when dealing with confusing situations and people who hurt us, it really helps.  I was inspired to share it…

Do you know those people who come into your life and move you deeply?  I’m sure we’ve all had at least one.  This person moves you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Sometimes this person even helps you change your job or move locations.  This person helps you find happiness, and in doing so, you realize that you are finding your true self.  This person gives you so much, and in return you give back everything that you have.  This person can be a friend, teacher or student, but most often this person comes in the form of a romantic interest.

This person opens doors for us, leads us to places we’ve never had the bravery to go on our own, and inspires us to grow and take risks.  We have never been so grateful to have someone in our lives.  We start to look towards the future with fresh hope, because we have never loved in this way before.

And then, sometimes slowly and other times suddenly, this person is gone.  Often without adequate explanation, leaving us full of hurt, doubt, and unanswered questions.  We find ourselves struggling in the dark and often cry out to the divine; “Why?  Why would you put a person in my life, have me give so much of myself and grow in such amazing ways, just to have this person leave?  Why did you allow me to plan my whole future only to take that it away?  Why did I invest so much time just to have it become worthless?”

The time you spent wasn’t worthless.  Here is what I was told:

In our journey, we will meet many people.  Every person that we meet is a given opportunity to help us grow.  Some of them are scenery as we walk on our path, helping us appreciate the beauty around us.  Some of them are rocks, causing us to trip so we learn how to pick ourselves up.  Some of them are the clothes on our back, accompanying us for the journey and keeping us warm.  And then there are the bridges.  These people are the ones that help us over treacherous waters, getting us from where we are to where we need to go.  They come into our journey suddenly and help us travel in a way that we couldn’t do on our own.  And then once they help us get where we need to be, they are gone.  These people lift us to where we need to go, and once we get there, they are taken away.  Yes, we can look back and still see them behind us, but in order to move forward, we need to continue on our own.

We are so grateful for how much this person has given us that we often envision spending the rest of our lives with him/her.  We mistakenly think that a bridge needs stay with us in order go on.

But no, this is not who this person is.  This person is a bridge, to help you get to where you need to go.  To help you work on yourself in order to become the best person you can be, and give you strength and stability when making big changes.  Once we make these changes, we no longer need this person to help us, so they remove themselves from our lives.

Yes, it hurts.  Yes, we often feel alone and incomplete when this person leaves.  But as time passes, we will be nothing but grateful for the bridges that we are given.

Love, Andrea ~ as told to me by my Rebbetzin


  1. Talia

    You amaze me Andrea. I wish I could spend a Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch and drinking coffee while talking to you about so many things.

  2. Nicole

    Hi Andrea,

    I know we don’t know each other really, but I’ve often been glad that we became facebook friends during the brief time we crossed paths; you have such a bright presence in the photos and comments that you post that it’s difficult not to take notice and smile! I hope you don’t mind that I stumbled across your blog. Your post about not growing up religious and this post in particular brought me to tears and are very inspiring at this time in my life. Thanks for allowing a peek into the beautiful way you live and think.

    • Nicole, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I also am grateful that we crossed paths briefly… I always loved the way that you carry yourself and the honesty in your playing. I’m so happy you stumbled on my blog! If there’s ever anything you want to discuss together, I’d be honoured.

  3. Aidelle

    Thanks for sharing this,it’s really heartwarming. :)

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