Harmony & Synergy

From My Life to Yours ~ Let's Build Some Bridges!

Yom HaKippurim

Like a bride that can’t wait to meet her groom at the altar
I just can’t wait for tonight

Yom HaKippurim; my favourite
The day that I am elevated beyond everything that binds me
When nothing physical threatens to pull me away
No excuses
I can’t wait to have no excuses

My white clothes are ready; so clean
And soon my soul will be just as clean
On this day we can let go of anything
That threatens to keep us from ourselves

I can’t wait to have no excuses
To have a day fully devoted to bettering my soul
To face my challenges and failings with courage and unclouded eyes
To see myself purely and honestly
I will stand before the infinite
To acknowledge where I lacked this year
In order to let go, move beyond, and build a better self
And know that everyone in the room is doing the same

Gmar chatima tova, world.

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