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5. Return to Yerushalayim (photoblog)

[Click on the photos to see them full size… I shrunk them down because I didn’t want you to have to scroll too much!]

I’ve haven’t snapped many pictures yet because there is so much to take in.  But the ones I have taken are gorgeous.  Here are some of my favourites that I’ve taken since coming back.

Our aliyah back to Israel was difficult (but fulfilling) from the moment we stepped into the taxi in NYC until getting off of the sherut in Jerusalem.  But taking off was beautiful:

A lot has changed here while we’ve been away, yet much is the same.  There is a new bike/walking path that goes through the German Colony and Baka:

The Jerusalem stone is beautiful and timeless, as always:

The relationship between siblings that you see on the street is something that I haven’t witnessed anywhere else in the world…

… and of course the trees and gardens are gorgeous.

There is rosemary growing EVERYWHERE!  Smells so good!

The shops are so colourful:

There are SO many beautiful flowers!  Can you believe that most of these are growing wild?  (Picture overload warning… but see for yourself!)

… and of course, there’s nothing quite like a cup of fresh nana tea on yaffo street :)

Until next time!  Lots of love,


  1. Beautiful! Nothing like fresh rosemary & nana tea. Hope you are having an amazing time!

  2. nini

    beautiful the jerusalem n the tea yum yum w nana

  3. Tal

    Do you currently live in Israel?

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