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Double Wrap

This is how you do a very elegant double wrap.  This tie is great for Shabbat and other formal occasions, but also works well for the day depending on what scarves you use.  Look for two square scarves that compliment each other.  Decide which one will be your base, and fold the second one for the top.  (I folded the scarf in a triangle, the folded it on top of itself to make a “sash”.)  Remember to put whatever headband you’re wearing around your neck before starting to tie.  That way you won’t ruin your gorgeous work when putting it on!

(Music – Moran Sabbah)


  1. Rachel shaool

    Hi Malka,
    I absolutely live your styles.
    I wanted to mention to you that under the volumizer you should wear the head grip so that it will not slip off.
    Also, I wanted to know if you can show a step by step (from beginning to end) how to tie a few tichels. I am just starting to get into all this fancy tichel tying and need some creative ideas. Thank you in advance Rachel shaool :)

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you for you comments – I love my head grip and you are right, it really helps with the slipping! Check out the pages at the top of the “wrapunzel” site in the “tutorials” section and you will find TONS of how-to videos!

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