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Layered Volumous Regal Wrap

This is an intricate version of the “Regal Wrap” technique.  This is a tie that I wear very often… the height enhances any face shape, it can be fancy or casual, and you can have so much fun matching (or mismatching) colours!  Experiment with different textures, clips etc.

There are many different options for the ends of the scarves.  Sometimes I leave them hanging, other times I tuck them in.  If the ends of your scarf are fringed, you may have a more interesting time tucking them in (as I did in the video) but it’s totally possible.  And if they come untucked on a windy day, it still looks great!

(Music: Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings – Waltz)


  1. Gorgeous! I wear my tichel like this very often and its so beautiful to see it being done on you. you bring such art to the motions

  2. manuela

    me encanta estas preciosas, claro que no a todo las mujeres le queda bien ,a mi me gusta muchísimos los pañuelos y los sombreros pero no me veo favorecida lo intentare como tu lo hace muchas gracias y que tengas buen días.

  3. Sally Adams

    Well honestly, Andrea, you are such a beautiful woman I am sure you could make a flour sack look elegant. I enjoy your tutorials and find them creative and inspiring. Thank you very much indeed. Regards Sally

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