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Easy Israeli Tichel Ties

We all love the Israeli tichel!  They come in tons of colours, can be causal or fancy, are inexpensive, light, and slip resistant.  I noticed in Israel that many ladies tie their tichel slightly differently, by knotting the ends OVER the middle part instead of under.  Here is a video showing some easy different ways to do this.  If you want to look more formal, try using a fancier scarf… these ties work with all kinds of square scarves!

(Music – Brahms Piano Concerto #2: 3rd mvnt)


  1. Ilyana Roshenkova

    Before you put on your scarves, how do you put your hair up? Do you use hairpins to hold it in a bun?

    • She and Rivka Malka Perlman both use tichel volumizers.

  2. Precious Cartwright

    Your website is truly inspiring. The things you say provide a light & uplift. I would love to speak with you via email. I’m undergoing the process of conversion and would love very much to absorb as much insight as I possibly could from a proud Jewish woman.

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