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Artsy Twists

This is one of the ties shown in the creative ideas section.  To do it, you’ll need a long rectangular scarf (the longer the scarf, the longer the twists).  If you would like your twists to be even, then tie the scarf with both ends the same length.  If you would like them to be uneven, make the ends uneven!  In the photo above, I made the ends slightly uneven so when they’re pushed to the side, the look almost the same.  Feel free to do it with or without the sash shown in the video… and happy twisting!

(Music: Vivaldi Four Seasons: Winter: Largo)


  1. Honey, you are outta control! Absolutely gorgeous, inviting video with stunning music and that artistic tichel. Andrea – YOU are something special

    • I’m so glad that we’ve connected! Thank you so much for your encouragement… Bz”H we will get to meet in person one day!

      • Maria

        Andrea I love your videos and I love when you wear blue that’s my favorite and only color

  2. Susan Zehavi

    You are terrific! I’ve worn tichel’s for well over a decade and learned so much. You are so lovely, so beautiful. Thanks

    • This means so much coming from you, because you were one of my tichel inspirations when I was living in Toronto. THANK YOU!!

  3. Elizabeth

    Ohhhh I have got to try this one… one on each side like pigtails maybe! Just lovely!

  4. Carrie

    I am not Jewish. I am Messianic. I used to wear head wraps but stopped due to criticism from my mother over the years. Now I am 30 and I feel so far from who I really am. So with the consent of my husband, I started wrapping my hair again. But thanks to your videos, my hair is wrapped with beauty rather than a simple scarf. Thank you!

    • Hi Carrie, I am so glad to hear that you are once again being true to yourself and wrapping your hair beautifully! It’s so hard to do that which you know is right when the world around you tells you the opposite. I admire your bravery and am glad that it is making you so happy.

  5. Milagros Gonzalez

    Shalom Andrea I would like to share with you my wraps when I started I always loved to wear scarf but not as a one day.but I had a feeling inside of me very different way wish I really did not understand.its so funny the things I used to do.I would grab a towel and looked at my self or a scarf and just do a twist or just put a pin and wow I felt a happiness inside.but as you know. I felt that if I would cover my head my friends and family would say mmmmm is she OK jajjajaja.but anyways one night and that happened in 2015 mean while my husband was watching TV I got my tablet and just going thru.when in one of those moments you’re video of wrapunzel showed up.and I started looking at you’re videos and some teaching you gave about headcovering.wowwww at that moment like my inside just lighted up.and I felt soooo happy and my whole life change even my spirit it’s so amazing what happened inside of me.I even learned how to keep Shabat.even singing and praying in hebrew and everything just came one thing to another I mean it’s amazing and I even did my Tevilah and keeping all Hashem festivities and reading the TORAH. learning day by day.now I’m messianic and the most great thing apart from all that change my life I’m even going to a Kehila.and now from what I told you at the beginning of being afraid and shy of what other might say and think yes it did happen but not to much.but I just did not give a thought so much.if I felt kind of sad I would go in my room and just give thanks to my Aba.and all the sadness would just go away.
    Now it has gone by almost 2 in half years and it’s for me just wonderful everyday that passes by.first I give Toda Rabah to my Aba for what he has done in my life inside and out.and for that special night that I would never forget for having such a incredible women teaching us women the way we should dress in modest way and the real meaning of head coverage.
    I only need to ask you just one question Andrea what’s the different of our head coverage and the Hijab??? And if there is any thing bad if one day I would like to do a different design like cover like with a hijab..just wondering.i learn so much from you and all of the Ha’akhot that give there time to teach us.I have learned so many designs of head coverage.I became Jewish cause I felt it inside of me .but I just want to know about the hijabs if that is a different design that us as Jewish can wear it or if we can’t it’s just a question?? Toda
    You and all the Ha’akhot are in my prayers.
    Toda.sincerely you’re Ajot Mily
    Shalom Alejem.

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