Harmony & Synergy

From My Life to Yours ~ Let's Build Some Bridges!



  1. Barbara MacDonald

    Did you make your tichel? I have never seen a more beautifully colorful scarf and i am inspired to use all of my favorite fabrics to create one of my own. My beloved sister has just passed away, and I inherited her incredible sewing machine that can do just about anything….I’m off to sew!

  2. Barbara MacDonald

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound so callous about my sister! We lost her five months ago after a 12-yr. illness that kept her bedridden. Three weeks later my mother passed away from grief. It has been a difficult few months, but we are beginning to laugh again and return to things we enjoyed. I’d much rather have her than her sewing machine!

    • You didn’t sound callous at all! I’m sure your sister would be happy that you are using her sewing machine to make beautiful garments. So happy that your family is finding inner strength and starting to laugh again. In terms of this tichel – no I didn’t make it, but It wouldn’t be that hard to do so! I picked this one up from a thrift shop :)

  3. Barbara MacDonald

    My favorite place to shop! Many blessings to you for your wisdom and encouragement.

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