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All your basic tichel tying questions, answered :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

… and a quick how-to for those who were asking!  Here is how you wear a “volumizer” with the anti-slip, velvet headband :)


  1. thats a really beautiful one you’re wearing in the picture on top andrea!

  2. beautiful scarf in the top picture! where’s it from? thanks for sharing your insights, you’re awesome! a

    • Thank you! The truth is that I find most of my scarves at vintage/thrift shops. They are simply AMAZING for scarves (at least, the ones near where I live are.) I think this one cost me a grand total of $4 which is unbelievable… it’s 100% silk! It seems that it was made by sewing of strips of fabric together. I just got a few days ago!
      And thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying :)

  3. Natallia

    thank you for sharing; you do amazing job and your tips are very useful! blue colours become you very well. does Judith have a website? I have no account on facebook:) but I would like to check her website out.

    • If you go to facebook.com/judithdeparis you can look at her stuff without a facebook account. The best way to contact her is by email – judithdeparis@ymail.com
      She does have a website – judithdeparis.com… but as far as I can see it’s still under construction (not all of her stuff is on there).

  4. kim

    Thanks so much. You are doing a great thing for Jewish women out there. I just started covering my hair this year, and sometimes it’s such a sticky thing to do. I’ve got three kids, and I feel frustrated with my scarves sometimes when I have no time to take to figure out how to tie it. Thanks.

    • Hi Kim, thank you so much for writing! One of the best ways to make tying easier, is to just pick one way of doing it, and stick with it until you can do it in your sleep. Then you can move on to another way. Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed by ideas and frustrated that it takes so long. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Abby Cohen

    did you lso buy the volumizer online? if so, from where? thanks! Your videos are insanely helpful. Thank you SOOO much!

    • Hi Abby! Try searing “Judith de Paris”. She imports them to the US from Israel and is really lovely. I think they are around $25, which might seem a bit pricey… but are totally worth it! (You can get them for less in Israel.) I have also heard of women tying a sock around their ponytail to create extra volume ;)

  6. Abby Cohen

    i actually live in israel. do you know where i could find them here? and what they would be called in hebrew? thank you so much!

    • If you walk into mea shearim (aka walking east on Malkei Israel where in turns into Mea Shearim)… there is a store on your left that sells all varieties of skirts/tops and also has a large section of mitpachot. They have the inexpensive volumizers for 3/100shekels, or 35 shekels each. There is also a mitpachot shop to the west of the tachana machazit in Jerusalem that has Rinati Lakel volumizers for a very good price. Let me know if you want more details!

    • … and usually they call ’em a “bo bo”

  7. Abby Cohen

    oh my gosh. THANK YOU. i have been wondering for the longest time why i have been having such trouble tying the mitpachot properly. it wasn’t that i wasn’t properly, it was that most of them look better (in my opinion) with the volumizer and i had no idea how to get that volume. i don’t know when i will be going into Ylm next, but hopefully before chag. I have a few mitpachot i was hoping to wear. Your site is amazing and beautiful! Thank you so much for all the info on it. Do the volumizers come in different colors and sizes?

    • Abby Cohen

      also, sorry, i have so many questions. do you know where i could get accessories, and what they would look like on the back? THANK YOU!

      • I can give you specific places to shop in ylm, but really, most hair accessory shops have lots of pins and clips. Try placing them in different locations… at the back beside your bun, underneath your ear, above your ear, etc. You’ll be surprised how different locations completely change the look!

    • They generally come in black and white, and some variation of large and small :)

  8. molly

    I think I’ll try the sock. I feel terrible, once I saw a woman in the store who was wearing a bandana and stopped to ask me how I got the bun with my scarf. I off-handedly said, “oh, you just have to have a ponytail back there,” and her husband nudged her to keep walking and I realized she’d had cancer and didn’t have hair. I still feel guilty and wish I’d told her how she could stuff something in her scarf to create the illusion of hair or anything.

    • I am sure that she knew that your intention was not to hurt her, and that you were just sharing what you knew! We can’t help the things that we don’t know. Hopefully she finds out about stuffing it some other way, and you can continue being a kiddush Hashem and wrapping your hair beautifully!

  9. molly

    By the way – I was taught to cut the top off of a pair of control-top stockings and it is not only way cheaper but works wonders for keeping tichels from slipping. Just another idea.

  10. Abby Cohen

    so, i had one of the no-slip headbands already, but i just bought the volumizer. Made a WORLD of difference when wearing tichels. It gave the look i have been trying to achieve for a while now. Thank you!

  11. Dinah

    I just love my comfort grip band. I am wearing my scarfs more now that I have it. Next thing I would like to try it the volumizer but wasn’t sure if it would look to big on me in the back. I do pretty good with tucking in the tails of one scarf to get the bun look but sometimes I don’t want to wear two scarfs. The sock and extra scarf tucked in didn’t give me the look I wanted. Love the new videos. I get lots of compliments on my scarfs that I have learned to tie by watching your videos. I even wear them to work a few days a week now. You are a blessing. Shalom.

  12. Ameena

    Hi, just to express how ve learnt so much from you within 24 hours. I live in nigeria and wondering how I can get a volumizer and other accessories.

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