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Sari Scarf How-To

By popular demand!  A lot of you have been asking about this scarf that I own, which is apparently called a “saris scarf”.  Here is a quick tutorial on how I wear it.  It’s super easy, and so dressy!  I don’t know where to buy it (maybe someone on here can help me out with that) because I got mine at a vintage shop, but if you do have the chance to get one, I highly recommend it.  It may seem that you won’t be able to cover all your hair with it, but here I show how it’s possible to wear it and have all your hair covered.


  1. Joelle Librowicz- Bohadana

    You’re ridiculously pretty!! Bli ayin hara 1 million times.

  2. This is a beautiful video, and very thorough. (Now I’m hoping to come across such a scarf, which is definitely not anything I have in my tichel wardrobe so far.)

    Here’s a blog post that I did over the summer that offers some ideas of how to make use of scarves that are, like this one, too narrow to wear alone in a basic fashion.

    Maybe some of these ideas can be adapted for this style of scarf- I think a few could, especially the first one I suggest.

  3. Chelsea Parker

    I found the Sari scarf at Pier 1 Imports! They have them in all sorts of colors.

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