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Basic Techniques for Square Scarves


Here is a detailed tutorial that goes with the “Beautiful Basics” video.  These ties are for square scarves, and are incredibly versatile!  These are the ties that one should master first before moving on to more complicated styles.  This video is also a review for those that want to brush up on basic techniques.


  1. Dinah

    Really like this this video. I am going to have to invest in a volumizer for the square ties to look nice. I like the bun look so much but the snood with a sock or small scarf just doesn’t look as nice.

  2. For some reason I cant view any of your videos???

  3. Sister Squirrel

    I have watched a lot of videos’ on tying scarves bu you are the only one that makes it look so simple! :) Can not wait to try it! Todah!

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