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Here are some looks I’ve been experimenting with!  I hope the instructions are clear.  If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer or even make a video to show how I did these ties!  :)

I used a square shimmery turquoise scarf and tied it with the second knot from the “beautiful basics” video… but I tucked the ends in instead of leaving them out.  Then twisted a long beige scarf across my head and over the “bun” part, also tucking in the ends.  Then I put a thin braided headband on and hid the elastic part underneath the beige scarf.  VERY secure!


















I figured that a rainy day needed some colour!  So I took a square purple scarf and tied it with the first tie from the “beautiful basics” video.  Then I took a long pink skinny scarf and wrapped it over my head, tied under, and then over the “bun” of my hair.  I tied the ends (double knot!) and let the fringe hang over one side.  Then on the opposite side of the fringe, I pinned in a flower.  (If you attach the pin to both scarves it prevents any slipping throughout the day.)



It was cold outside and I didn’t want to wear a hat.  I took a grey pashmina scarf and did the “regal wrap”.  Except I left the first end NOT tucked into the back.  Try it!  Then I pinned in a flower giving it extra prettiness as well as security.










This one is basically the same as the last one, except I let the loose end be on the other side.  The gorgeous gold leaf pin got me compliments all day!
















I had always wondered how ladies get it to look like they have tons of hair underneath their scarves… I figured it out!  For this look, I tied a “regal wrap” with a basic pashmina and both ends tucked in.  Then I simply put this shiny long scarf over it (it’s a bit sheer, but it worked very well!) and tied the ends at the bottom.  Added an antique-y flower pin and I was ready to attend my friend’s wedding!








This one is so simple!  I tied my hair in a low bun, took a long rectangular scarf and placed it on my head with the ends hanging down evenly.  Then I took the ends hear my face and stretched them back around my head, and pinned them with a flower pin so they would stay.  Voila!  I felt like I had long hair swishing around me and got many questions on how I did it.  Now you know!













You can use a simple square scarf and braid it!  Start doing the first tie in “beautiful basics”, but instead of tying a knot with the two ends, braid them into the cloth that is hanging over your head.  Finish off with an elastic and you’re good to go!


  1. adel

    love the looks Andrea!! where do you buy all your pretty scarves??

    • Hi Adel! I buy my scarves in many places. Once I started looking I was so surprised by how much is available! Check out the “FAQ – Tips and Tricks” section for some suggestions. I’ve found gorgeous things in thrift shops, dollar stores, art shops, markets, internet and more!

  2. Gila

    Andrea you refresh the whole idea of head covering – after a few years wearing one – one needs a refresh! Thank you!

  3. Andrea, thank you so much for your wonderful and informative tutorials on tichels. Blessings to you for your generosity. Hugs and love, Margaret

  4. molly

    I love the second to last one. I actually tried it with a square scarf before and didn’t like how it appeared from the front – I’m going to try it with the rectangular.
    I went to the dollar store here and bought a bunch of flowers for $1 each to accessorize. Thanks to your website, I’m actually excited to cover my hair now; it’s become a hobby of sorts. Yesterday I actually felt beautiful going out with a tichel on as opposed to my usual feeling ugly and it made SUCH a difference – I can’t even describe it. Thank you, and thank G-d :)

    • Thank you SO much! I can’t even being to tell you how much I appreciate your letting me know. This is exactly why I created this site in the first place… I’m so glad that you are excited to be covering your hair!

  5. Amy

    I am so thrilled to see that someone else knows the “braided tichel” trick….everyone in South Africa was mesmerised when I got married a few months ago when I emerged with braided tichels….I was convinced I was not the pioneer of this beautiful look….and here is my proof. yeehaa :))
    Hakarat Hatov for all you do, and you do so very very much!

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