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2. Storage Ideas

So you’ve got a collection of gorgeous scarves (yay!)… but your closet/mirror area/bedroom is a mess!  You’ve tried folding them, but you end up not being able to see them properly and make everything disorganized when trying to get to the scarf you want.  The different materials, shapes, patterns and thickness make it even more difficult to figure out storage options.  And you want to be able to see everything that you have when putting your creations together!  (This is so, so important.  I have heard that many women give up on scarf wrapping before they even try because they don’t even know what they have.)

Have no fear, here are some solutions to your woes!

I have compiled a list of creative storage ideas that I use, and ones that I have heard from others.  For every option, I have given a brief description and instructions, as well as the pros and cons of storing your scarves this way.  Please add your own ideas and experiences in the comments section!

The Drawer:

If you’ve using drawers to store your tichels, try folding them so they all face upwards.  This way you can see everything that you have, don’t have to dig, and are less likely to have to refold.  Use the extra space in front of your scarves to store headbands, pretieds, caps, hats, volumizers etc.
Pros – easy “installation” because most people already have drawer space.  You can easily see everything that you have.  It keeps scarves out of reach from babies, children, pets etc.
Cons – your tichels are hidden away and can easily be forgotten when putting an outfit together.  Wrinkles can happen if not folded well.  Scarves of different sizes can be difficult to fold in an organized manner.  Your drawer can easily become disorganized.



Hooks that are installed into the wall or hung on the back of a door are a great option for storing tichels.  Make sure you choose hooks that are spaced closely together, for optimal storage capacity.  Make sure that the hooks are able to bear the weight of the scarves, and are high enough to let the tichels hang down.
Pros – easy access.  You can see everything that you have.  Looks beautiful.  Can be done almost anywhere.  Keeps scarves wrinkle free.
Cons – you can’t “stack up” your scarves one under the other.  Not compact.  You need the wall/door space.





Accessory Ribbon:

Here is an amazing trick I came up with for storing clips and pins (edit: just found another person that does this as well… great idea!)  Take a thick ribbon and tack/nail/hook it to a wall.  I personally like doubling up the ribbon and tying a knot at the top because it looks prettier and is easier to remove.  Then clip and pin in your accessories down the length of the ribbon.
Pros – takes up very little room.  Looks beautiful.  Allows you to see what you have.  Easy access.
Cons – needs the wall space (although very little)






Coat Hangers:

You can hang your scarves in you closet using coat hangers.  Make sure you use strong coat hangers for heavier scarves, and velvet lined ones for slippery ones.  Hang your scarves like you would pants, and fill each coat hanger with as many as you want.
Pros – super easy, requires no installation of anything.  Good view-ability.  Compact.  Keeps scarves wrinkle free.
Cons – takes up room on your clothes rack.  Harder to see the scarves at the back.





All Rolled Up:

This trick can be done in any open shelf, or those hanging shelves that many put in their closets.  Take your scarf, fold it into a manageable rectangle, and roll it up!  The size of your roll will depend on how deep the shelves are.  Keep doing this with all of your scarves and you have a beautiful storage option.
Pros – looks beautiful.  Very compact.  Easy access.  Keeps scarves wrinkle free.
Cons – Takes a bit of time to organize on your first try.  Sometimes hard to see the scarf because so little of the cloth is showing.







The Shower Curtain Rod:

A very useful tichel storage tool is a shower curtain rod placed strategically in a room/closet.  The rod can be placed between windows, a wall and a bookcase, the back wall of a closet, etc.  Make sure that you measure the space you intend to place the rod before buying one, because shower curtain rods come in different sizes.  Also make sure that there is enough room behind the rod for looping your scarves over it.
Pros – beautiful and easy.  Your tichels are gorgeously displayed, so this can even be placed in a more public area.  You can see everything that you have and organization isn’t a problem.
Cons – you need the space to put the shower curtain rod, which many closets/rooms don’t have.




The Treasure Chest:

Try using a small trunk to store your headbands and other accessories.  You can get these in many sizes, depending on what you would like to store.  You can also use them for your tichels!
Pros – so many box options!  Can be hidden or out in the open.
Cons – easy to forget about.  Can become disorganized.





…. and here are even more ideas!
(I will add to this section as you post your comments!)

The Bag:
This one is kinda embarrassing… but I do it a lot!  You can simply hang a bag on a hook in order to store your volumizers, grip headbands, bobby pins, and other basic accessories.  I only do this for the stuff that I need every day, because otherwise I could easily forget about it.  If you use a nice bag, it’ll look much better, but usually I just use a plastic shopping bag :)

The Shoe Rack:
Try using a shoe rack to hang/store your tichels.  I have heard amazing things about this!

The Laundry Basket:
I know lots of ladies that plop all their tichels in a laundry basket, all loose and unfolded.  It may sound disorganized and hectic to some, but it makes it easy to search around for things, and is obviously a big time saver in terms of folding/hanging.

The Coat Rack:
If it works for coats, why not for tichels?  Take an old coat rack and transform it into a beautiful display for your head coverings.  This works for storing your hats and pretieds as well.

The Coat Hanger/Shower Ring Combo:
Thank you Caroline for this creative suggestion!  Try taking a (strong) coat hanger and looping shower curtain rings around it.  Apparently IKEA also sells their own version of this, but you can easily DIY.  Use the rings to store your scarves for easy access and storage.  I just tried this so here is a photo of how it’s done (just ignore the music stand).

Multiple Skirt Hanger:
I use these to store my skirts, but Shelly says that you can use them for tichels as well… thank you!  You can also add extra clips and adjust the clip locations to see everything that you have

Ariella tacked a rope up on the overhanging lip of her bureau… now THAT is inventive!  Try it on an armoire or any other furniture that you have with an overhanging area.

Clear Hanging Shoe Organizer:
Thank you Molly for this idea!  Try using a see-through hanging shoe organizer on the back of your closet door(s) to organize your scarves.  This is a great way to keep everything compact and organized while allowing you to see what you have.


**… and NOW it’s your turn!**
How do you store your scarves?  What works and what doesn’t?  Tell us about your struggles and your solutions.  These are the ideas that I have tried and have been suggested so far, but we are always looking for even more ways to store our tichels.  Let’s help each other!  What have you tried that is missing from this list?  I know there are many very creative people on this site so let’s work together and come up with new ideas to help each other cover our hair with beauty and ease!


  1. Rochel Stoklasa

    I’ve been looking for storage solutions for my scarves for a while, so thanks for this post. I store my scarves in a big plastic bin, all loose and disorganized, but I’m familiar enough with my scarves to know which one I’m looking for most of the time. I think I’ll try the over-the-door hook and see if that makes it more organized.
    QUESTION: How do you clean your tichels, and how often?

    • Hi Rochel,
      I usually wear a boubou/volumizer under my tichels (ever since I cut my super long hair), so I usually just wash those instead of the tichels. However, when I do wash them (used to be much more often before when they were directly on my head), I treat them all individually. Strong, durable ones go in the wash with my other clothes. Ones that may shrink go in cold water. Delicate ones are hand-washed and drip-dried. Colours that may bleed are either washed individually or with like colours. Some ladies might disagree with me, but I think that unless you are sweating profusely, you don’t need to wash your tichels that often. This also helps them last longer!

  2. miriam

    Ikea has this hanger-type of thing with circles, i use that for putting my scarves on.

  3. I got a multiple-skirt hanger and all the clips came off. The hanger now holds many scarves, (at least) one over each half of the bar. By the way, you can remove the clips yourself; no need to wait for them to break off!

  4. ariella zeitlin-hoffman

    tacked a rope to two ends of my dresser which has a little hanging lip over the top and have all my long scarves in there, with a basket underneath for regular triangles and another basket for pretieds and hats in my closet. baby loves to play with basket but at least I always know where they are, small wicker drawer set on top of my dresser is where I store hair clips, just clip them into the weave(pretty ones so it looks like decoration), in the drawers are my cheap wigs and hanging off the side is my fancy wig, and a huge coffee mug holds hair ties and bobby pins :) everyones gotta do what they can with the space they’ve got!
    ps-miss you!

  5. Aidel.k

    Hi there. I just clicked over from In the Married Lane’s FB post linking this page. What an interesting blog. I wear mostly pre-tieds and they are jumbled in an extra drawer. Now & then I will spot one in the back that I’d forgotten about–happy surprise–but mostly this works well for me. Andrea, what do you wear on your head when you run? I started running 2 years ago, and I’m still trying to work out apparel challenges.

    • I usually wear a simple square Israeli tichel, folded in a triangle and tied at the back. Sometimes I’ll wear one of those grip headbands you can find in drugstores (with the rubber ribbing on the outside/inside) to avoid slipping, but I find it quite unnecessary. I tie the tichel somewhat low on my forehead to catch all the sweat. I love running in a tichel! In the winter, I usually wear a snug hat with a hood drawn up over it. It looks a bit ridiculous but hey, I’m running in the snow so people are going to think I’m crazy anyway :)
      What are you having issues with when running? I’m still trying to find the perfect running skirt…

      • joanne

        mountain equipment co-op supposedly has good running skirts

  6. I keep my scarves in an old milk crate, loose and free and jumbled. It’s far from organized, but I know what I have. I keep accessories in a couple of little boxes on top of my bureau.

    (I just found your blog courtesy of rivkamalka.com, and am very glad that I did- you have some lovely ideas. I also keep a blog vaguely of this sort- I’ll be adding your blog to my blog list…)

    • I also use a laundry basket to store my pretieds/hats… whatever works! Thank you so much and I’m so glad that you found the site!

  7. Ketutar

    I use a drying rack hanger, one with eight arms and three clips in each arm.
    I hang the long scarves like pashminas, from the middle and the short and square ones from one corner.

    I have all the accessories in a see-through box with lid, with all my hair clips and pins and such.

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