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My Cousin

Meet my second cousin, Steph.  Up until yesterday, we had only seen each other at bar/bat mitzvahs and those meetings actually didn’t involve much shmoozing.  (I know, hard to believe!)  I have always admired her family’s close relationship, her big eyes, long dark hair, great sense of style, and the funky dance moves that she and her sister always seemed to bust out at the perfect moment.  But other than that, we really didn’t know much about each other.

Thanks to the miracle of social networking over the past few years, Steph and I “got to know” each other from afar, and yesterday, while the rest of Canada was opening xmas gifts, we were able to finally spend time together with both of our families.  We also got to experiment with scarves and head coverings, which was awesome!

Here she is rocking the artsy twists:
hair covering hair loss twist pin

Oh, there’s something else you should know:
Steph was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
And something else:
She’s 28, and just got married a little over a year ago.

Yeah… I know.  And you know what?  Incredibly enough, because of this she has started a blog to share her experiences, and it has been bringing people together from all over the world!  She is continuing to be the loving, funny and warm person she always has been, and this horrible circumstance has only enhanced her spirit.

Here Steph is wearing a braided style that makes her look like the queen she truly is:
head covering hair loss braid fancy

Yeah, it’s not just Orthodox Jewish ladies that want to learn how to wear headscarves, it is all different kinds of religions.  It is also those who don’t like their hair or need to cut it off for health reasons.  And also those that do it for fashion.  I’m so grateful that I got to share some tips with Steph yesterday… she’s a natural!

Here is the braid from the side:
head covering tichel hair loss braid

Steph is one of my heros.  Her courage and vulnerability, her laughter and tears, her joy and pain, her anger and acceptance, are something that I had only witnessed before from afar, but now got to see firsthand… and it was very inspiring.  Thank you!

And last but not least here she is wearing a colourful long scarf, simply wrapped and pinned:
Head covering hair loss fancy

Wow, can she ever work those headscarves!  Doesn’t she look incredible?

Go check out her blog at: passmeanothercupcake.com and if you would like to join me in davening for her full recovery, her Hebrew name is Chaia Rivka bat Tzippah Leah.


  1. She does look incredible and exhibits such a sparkle even though she is going through such a trial. May His peace continue to burble up inside of her and shine forth knowing that He which has begun a good work in her will bring it to completion! You young things are so beautiful … both of you.

  2. Marina

    She looks beautiful! I really like the way you do the scarves!

  3. Birdie

    What a gift to have the opportunity to get to know family better…and play with tichels as well. Thank you for sharing. All the best of everything to you and Steph.

  4. Deanna

    She is beautiful and seems like a very strong woman. That she has not caved inward and withdrawn from life, but can blog about her experience and her feelings so eloquently is incredible. Blessings to you and her. I shall be praying for her full recovery.

  5. Aliyanna

    I am saddened to hear of problems she is having. There are two things that she can look into and see if she thinks that they might help her. One is beta glucan. The best one on the market is from betaglucan.org. We use it for several things. And it has helped many people fight cancer. Talk to Chris, he is a good kind man. Tell him Ronni sent you. He can explain how to use it. The other is nascent iodine. We use Magnascent.
    http://www.magnascent.com/InternationalOrders.aspx Contact J.D. Grush He will call you and talk to you and tell you how to do it. God gave us sacks of iodine hidden in our breasts to heal such things as this…but thru many things in our diets…it gets depleted. Then there is no healer in the body to go after it. JD use betaglucan and magnascent and several other products. His wife had cancer of the breast and it was terminal and she had just a few months… She is doing well now. He can explain it all…..
    May my Lord and Savior reach His loving healing hand out to her.

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