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Wrapunzel: Hair Wrapping

As a result of this section growing WAYYYYY too big to be contained on this section of Harmony & Synergy, I am proud to announce the launching of a new site – “Wrapunzel” – Your Source for Everything Hair Wrapping.

I will still leave this section’s content up (especially the philosophical topics to do with hashkafa which are not included in the new site), but keep in mind that nothing new will be posted in this section.  All these posts end at December 2012 and can be found in the new site, as well as everything else that I have posted since then.


I am a married, Jewish woman, which means that I cover my hair in public.  Doing this is such a wonderful, liberating experience for me and I love coming up with new ways to tie my scarves.  This section is all about hair covering – with video how-tos, creative ideas, thoughts etc.

Video Tutorials (with Music)
Artsy Twists
Beautiful Basics
Double Wrap
Double Twist Wrap
Easy Ties for Square Scarves
Easy Israeli Tichel Ties
Kosher Pigtails
Layered Volumous Regal Wrap
Regal Wrap
Regal Wrap with Hanging Tails
Royal Twist
Single Braid
The Layered Look!

Video Tutorials (Spoken Instructions)
Tips, Tools and Tricks
Look Like You Have TONS of Hair!
Discovery – Judith de Paris

Photo Ideas and Tutorials
Beautiful Ideas for Warm Weather
Myriad of Creative Ideas
More Creative Ideas!

Other (written)
FAQ – Tips and Tricks
Sheitel for a Day


  1. Leah Chana

    Hello i live in chicago and we (my shul) was looking to do a class on how to tie and do diff ways of wrapping the scarfs, we are Safardic woman who don’t wear Wigs and whould love to know if you do classes and if you would like to come to our shul

  2. Sha Phillips

    I live you videos but I was wondering where you get your caps that you wear to start your videos?

    • They’re called shapers and are available at wrapunzel.com !!

  3. Mariana Mermelstein

    Could you feature another tutorial for zig zag criss cross wraps? Ir just tell me, how do I keep it smooth and close to my head.and not have it look bulky or messy on the sides.

  4. Deborah Ramsey

    I love your web site. You are so helpful. I’d like to know more about your volumizers. How to purchase a cap or pattern. Thank you.

  5. alta davidi

    I just discovered wrapunzel! I’ve been wearing tichels for 28yrs everywhere – at home at weddings…. I hear you are from Baltimore. Do you have appointments? My nephew is getting married in baltimore next week Aug 24th and i’d love if someone could do my tichel really nicely.

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