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Mmmmm Special Basil Pesto!

My husband is crazy about this one!  The lime juice and walnuts make it extra special :)  This is vegan (no cheese added) so you can combine it with everything and anything.

You’ll need –

About a cup of fresh basil leaves (if it’s a little more or less, no problem!)

4 Cloves of garlic (I add 5… you can add less if you aren’t as garlic crazy as I am)

Handful of walnuts

Juice of half a lime

Teaspoon salt

Olive oil to make it spreadable.  Some people want it more liquidy and others want it thicker.  About a third of a cup.

Put all ingredients into a tall jar.  Handblend.  Voila!

Now, make sure you taste it.  Does it need more salt?  More lime?  Another clove of garlic?  Is it too thick and needs more olive oil?  I find that the basil in the US is quite tasteless compared to other places (although organic is much better), so you may need to bump up the lime and garlic to give it more oomph.

CAUTION!  Hand blenders are very dangerous!  Make sure that it is ALWAYS unplugged before you remove it from what you’re blending.  Unplug it before tasting.  I love my handblender (so good for dips, dressings and soups) but I have heard many horror stories about people being careless and injuring themselves.  Better to be overly careful than lose a finger!


  1. I did it last week, it was de-li-cious (even if i put too much garlic, didn’t know it would taste so strong ^^).
    Thank you !

    • Garlic can really change depending on where you get it… sometimes it’s totally lame and other times… watch out!

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