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Interview with Gila Manolson

I am honored to share with you an interview that I was able to do with Gila Manolson.  I had known about this woman long before I met her in person; Her book about the depth of physical touch was passed on to me by a friend, and after reading the whole thing in one …

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This Past Weekend…

Something happened to me over Tu B’Shvat this weekend that I want to share.  I would love to hear if you have had similar experiences and/or if you have any feedback for me.  This is not your usual “harmony & synergy” video.  No inspiring conclusions, no exciting ideas… just something that I am dealing with …

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Guide to an Orthodox Jewish Wedding

I am honoured that I was asked to contribute a piece to a beautiful wedding site!  Rachel Cravit, the owner of the site, is a superb writer, and someone that I am also lucky to call a friend.  I hope you enjoy it pass on to wedding invitees that might want the lowdown beforehand.  Here …

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Hanukah Thoughts!

Here are some of my thoughts about this holiday and what it means to us as Jews living in today’s world.  (Also food for thought to those who don’t celebrate.)  Let me know what you think and chag sameach, world! Click –> HERE <– to watch

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MORE Shomer Negiah!

This seems to be a hot topic, so here is a follow-up video about shomer negiah (guarding one’s touch with the opposite sex).  The first video, made a few weeks ago, is for those that aren’t ready yet to take on this concept.  This new video (below the first one on the page) is for …

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How to Find Your True Self

Here are some lessons about finding your truth from this week’s parsha! This is so amazing.  The Torah actually gives us detailed instruction on how to go on a spiritual journey and what one needs to let go of in order to find clarity.  Amazing. Click –> LEKH LEKHA and let me know what you …

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