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My cousin!

I have always wanted to showcase other women wearing headscarves on this website, and I have also wanted to start a series of posts talking about specific people who inspire me. Well, this posts covers both –> meet my cousin, Steph, who is both beautiful and brave!

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10 INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS… just in time for Shabbat :)

Here are the latest tichel styles I have been experimenting with and wanted to share with you.  Enjoy! Click HERE to see all ten.

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Three NEW Tichel Videos!

Here are three new tichel videos discussing vastly different topics!  Glasses, Detailed Basic Ties, and the Saris Scarf! Click on the following pages to check out the new videos! –> Tichel Tying for Glasses Wearers –-> Detailed Tutorial on Basic Square Scarf Ties (for beginners and those that need a review!) –> How To Wear …

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~~~ Summer Ties ~~~

I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the ties I have been experimenting with in the summer!  The cotton scarves are perfect for the hot weather! Click –> New Summer Hair Wrapping Ideas

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First Photo Blog Post!

I figured it would be best to show instead of tell :) Here are some photos that I’ve been able to take since arriving in Jerusalem.  Enjoy! Click–> Return to Yerushalayim

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Chicago, farewell!!

My husband and I are leaving Chicago and heading to Jerusalem for the summer, with a quick stop in NYC for a wedding.  I can’t even begin to convey how excited I am to be going back to eretz hakodesh.  To experience the intensity, the smells and tastes, the shechina… to feast my eyes on …

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Windy City Pictures!

Enjoy some shots that I’ve taken of CHICAGO :)

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