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My cousin!

I have always wanted to showcase other women wearing headscarves on this website, and I have also wanted to start a series of posts talking about specific people who inspire me. Well, this posts covers both –> meet my cousin, Steph, who is both beautiful and brave!

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10 INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS… just in time for Shabbat :)

Here are the latest tichel styles I have been experimenting with and wanted to share with you.  Enjoy! Click HERE to see all ten.

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How to Store Your Scarves/Tichels/Accessories

Take your tichel collection from disorganized to beautiful!  Here are some *STORAGE IDEAS* that I use and other ladies recommend, with the pros and cons of each option listed. How do YOU store your tichels?

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Three NEW Tichel Tying Tutorial Videos!

Good morning, world! I haven’t been able to make the time to put out as many new videos as I would have liked to this summer.  B’H, all good reasons!  So I made sure to take a few hours this morning and make some new ones!  I hope that you enjoy them!  (Click the links …

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~~~ Summer Ties ~~~

I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the ties I have been experimenting with in the summer!  The cotton scarves are perfect for the hot weather! Click –> New Summer Hair Wrapping Ideas

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New Ideas (Cast Your Vote!)

Vayehi Internet (and there was internet!) Hello everyone!  These are four new exciting tying ideas that I’ve been experimenting with.  I love them all so much that I can’t decide which one to make a video tutorial of.  Which one would you like me do first?  Cast your vote! #1 – Shabbat Formal: #2 – …

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More Tichel Tying Ideas!

Hello Everyone!  The weather is getting warmer where I am, so I’m experimenting with new ways to tie my scarves to keep myself from getting overheated.  It’s actually quite easy, and the scarves keep my scalp from getting sunburned and the hair off of my face and neck. I hope you enjoy these ideas for …

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