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You play the cello? Let’s see the bio!

(This is what is usually printed in concert programs/websites so that’s why it’s so formally written.  I’m planning on rewriting it so it’s more accessible because I see no reason why these things have to sound so stuffy.)

Born in Toronto, Andrea Herzog (now Andrea Grinberg) has been an active soloist, orchestral and chamber musician since her seventh birthday.  She began her studies on the cello at the age of five, and rapidly moved through the Suzuki Method before continuing her studies with Shauna Rolston at the University of Toronto at the age of eight.  When she was ten years old she completed her grade nine RCM exam with first class honours and at age eleven she became a member of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra, the youngest cellist ever to be admitted.  


In her early years, Andrea competed in numerous Kiwanis and Peel festivals, and was always awarded top ranks and scholarships in all categories.  However, after many years of competitions, Andrea and her brother William were eager to bring classical music into their community and broaden their performance experience.  They did so by creating their own concert series, and the series ran successfully for two years until Andrea left Toronto for university.  Andrea completed her bachelor’s degree in the music program at Wilfred Laurier University on a performance scholarship, studying with Paul Pulford.

At age fourteen, Andrea made her soloist debut with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  Since then she has been a featured soloist with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra performing the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto, Bloch’s “Schelomo” with the Wilfrid Laurier University Symphony Orchestra, and most recently, Haydn’s C Major Cello Concerto with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony Orchestra.  She has played under many conductors including Bramwell Tovey, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Bobby McFerrin, David Zafer, Nurhan Arman, Joaquin Valdepenas and Paul Pulford.

Andrea has attended and played in masterclasses given by Mstislav Rostropovich, Aldo Parisot, Steven Isserlis, Barry Shiffman, Denise Djokic, Jeanette Koekoek among many others.  Her private teachers have included Shauna Rolston, Bryan Epperson, David Hetherington, Daniel Domb, Paul Pulford, Zvi Plesser, and David Zafer.

As a chamber musician, Andrea’s piano trio, The Herzog-McEvoy Trio, won the Penderecki Chamber Music Prize when she was at Wilfred Laurier University.  She was admitted to WLU on a performance scholarship, and in her freshman year, she won the concerto competition.  She was admitted to the Jerusalem Academy of Music under a full scholarship for her master’s degree to study with Zvi Plesser, and was subsequently awarded another full scholarship to play as a member of a featured piano quintet.  In Baltimore, she performed at the Peabody Conservatory as a member of a doctoral piano quartet.

Andrea moved to Jerusalem in 2009 and has performed all over the country.  She was a part various orchestras in Jerusalem, taught many students, performed with Israel’s top musicians in the Kfar Blum Music Festival for two years, and was invited to join members of the Israel Philharmonic in a chamber music performance in 2011.  

Andrea and her husband moved to Chicago in 2011 where she began working to liberate young people through the Venezuelan “El Sistema” program.  Within two years Andrea was the director of an orchestra of over 100 inner city kids called The People’s Music School Youth Orchestras (YOURS Project).  Since relocating to Baltimore, Andrea has worked teaching music programs for inner city kids through BTEC, and since then, together with her husband and Sarah Lowenstein, founded “The Baltimore Bows”, a heavily subsidised intensive orchestral program in the Park Heights Community.


  1. Hanna

    I would love to hear you play! Do you have any audio or video clips?

  2. Ayelet


  3. Please post clips if you have any!

    • Some day I will get some good recordings of me playing with my hair covered :)

  4. Shiphrah

    Shalom Andrea, do you know anything about the ancient solfeggio scale?

  5. Andrea: Just listening to you explaining the ‘tichl’ gave me the idea to just keep listening to you. It was like listening to a really good diva and you know in an instant that it is the buona scola coming through in the very first measures of an aria. You’re the real thing – the real McCoy! It was like listening to Isaac Bashevis Singer speaking in Yiddish. You know it in an instant – you’re neshama comes through. When I finish writing to you, I’m going on the hunt to listen to you play the cello! You must be great – I read your bio but when you said cellist – I knew instinctively that you must be exceptional. So you cover your hair for your man. Wow! What a lucky guy! How refreshing – I thought of beautiful paintings of Ruth by the Italian masters [her head covered yet her body was not]. The head covering, covering the head that covers the brain – the place where ‘daat’ begins with an impulse and then a symphony. In some way, your explanation of your joy of Hashem might be equal if not greater than mine. I love God with a tremendous unquestionable thirst. I go to sleep every night cradled in His embrace – without it I could not rise in the morning. [I have not told a single soul this in the entire world – ever!

    David Montefiore ‘VeliYerushalayim Irja’ Ellstein

    Shalom uBrachah

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