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A video from Israel: Ideology and Hope During Conflict


  1. This was one of the most moving things I came across as I struggled to make sense of the misery and outrage in Israel/Palestine over the summer. How could people who claim to love G-d behave in such unloving and terrible ways. Your distinctions between truth and the infinite really helped and challenged me. I’ve watched this many times and included a link to it in one of my posts. Thank you for such a powerful and difficult witness.

  2. katerina

    Hello Andrea, I find you intriguing . You spoke of listening to your friends who may have a different opinion…I am wondering if your willingness to open and listen extends all the way to hurting Palestinians? Just curious.

    • Yes, my willingness does. I didn’t say so explicitly in the video because I wanted the message to be universal and not everyone is willing to go there. But yes, everyone means everyone. And I do have Muslim friends :)

      • Katerina

        Thank you for your reply. I am a Muslim. I came across your blog accidentally after my friend posted your head wrapping tutorials online (they are lovely btw.) I started to click through your website and got to your blog. While I felt apprehensive about the fact you had accepted Israeli citizenship and called yourself a Zionist (thinking of all the Palestinian refugees who have no chance of returning to the place they once called home) I coudn’t stop myself from reading on as I saw many similarities between you and me – how you started practicing your religion, your search of spirituality – that’s why i said I found you intriguing…….And to say – I don’t often comment on things online or enter internet debates….So I will say thank you. You warmed my heart a little, showed me there is still a little humanity. While I live in yourope, I am married to a Palestinian I will not lie, it breaks my heart to see scores of Gazan children killed, Alhamdulillah my husbands family lives in the West Bank and have been spared. But we are travelling there in September, not too long from now. I am dreading the journey. Endless checks, being at the mercy of often heartless soldiers, My husband had been humiliated by them many times in the past. I have a four month old baby and a four year old daughter I don’t want them to be at the mercy of those people. …. At the same time we want to see our family. They are all very loving peaceful people. Not stupid bloodthirsty Arabs…..Well so just again thank you for showing me there are some kind Jewish people out there. Even when they call themselves Zionists.

  3. Nicole

    Hi Andrea…I just wanted to say how much I loved this video! Thank you so much for posting…I loved how you explained the connection between and G-d and truth and how there must be this connection or else it leads to trouble. When you were talking about curiosity being a way to bridge our differences, it made so much sense…I would also like to add that seeing us all as one can help with that as well – We are all one with each other, and one with G-d – each and every one of us has come from our Creator and when we are faced with someone else’s anger, or frustration, or pain, or whatever it may be, we must ask ourselves, where in our own lives or being do we see that feeling or behavior – other people are our mirrors and will show us the things we perhaps need to work on in our own lives…this gives us a wonderful opportunity to examine our own selves and we can count these people as our angels :) And we can use these experiences to change our lives! We can “be the change we want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi)…thank you again for creating these videos (and all the ones on the Wrapunzel site too!). You inspire me! :) Peace and Shalom

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