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I’m still here! (+ happy 1 Year!)

Hi everyone!

Don’t worry, I am totally fine and everything in my life is going well.  I know more than a few of you have been concerned because I haven’t added a new post in a while.

It has come to my attention that andreagrinberg.com has been public for a year!  Wow!  What an incredible journey this has been… thank you all so very much for helping me make this happen!

The reason why I haven’t been able to sit down and write or make a meaningful video in a while is because of the many balls I’m attempting to hold up in the air.  I’m not overdoing it, thank Gd, but I am working 2 jobs plus a lot of extra music performing and Judaism lecturing projects I’ve been asked to do.  I’ve had lots of great ideas for posts (wrote some of them down… somewhere…) but haven’t made the time to sit down and get them online.  And I don’t want to put anything on here unless I feel that it’s good and really needs to be heard.

Some of you have asked how I manage to make (almost) daily updates on my tichel wrapping, hair covering site, Wrapunzel.  Honestly, that is super easy!  It takes me a grand total of 5 minutes to snap a picture of what I’m wearing on my head today, upload, and write a witty blurb about it.  And when I’m making posts about other women, they are the ones doing all the work and answering my questions!  So that’s a breeze (and amazing how much popularity the site has gotten in less than 2 months online!)

Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know that everything is okay, and I am doing well.  Thank you to those that asked!  It means a lot to me.

What do you think I should do for the 1 year anniversary of Harmony & Synergy?  Should I make a post with the articles that got the most attention over the year?  A reflection post?  A timeline?

Kol tuv,

andrea grinberg



  1. Dear Andrea,
    I’m happy to read that everything is ok for you and your husband.
    One year aniversary for this blog ? That’s amazing ! I read all your articles and really enjoy reading your posts and love your written style. Maybe you could write a post on what it brings to you to blog, what were your expectations by starting Harmony and Synergy and how you think you reached your goals.

    On a more personal level : what are your 2 jobs and about which jewish topics are you lecturing about ?

    Have a nice day !

  2. Thanks so much for always following and commenting! Happy one year gorgeous!

  3. Wow, how do you do so much?

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