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Guide to an Orthodox Jewish Wedding


I am honoured that I was asked to contribute a piece to a beautiful wedding site!  Rachel Cravit, the owner of the site, is a superb writer, and someone that I am also lucky to call a friend.  I hope you enjoy it pass on to wedding invitees that might want the lowdown beforehand.  Here it is!
–> Guide to an Orthodox Jewish Wedding <–

Oh!  And here is an absolutely beautiful article she wrote, introducing me before the wedding article.  What a beautiful soul! I’m so glad we happened to be introduced to each other during that wedding in Jerusalem.  This is exactly the reason why I started this site, and it’s so affirming (that’s not the correct word… is there a word for “filled up with joy, honour, validation, nachat, love, and humility”?) to hear that it has affected someone so deeply.  Rachel, you are a star.  Thank you!
–> Introducing… me! <–


  1. Wedding Style File is so honoured by your contribution Andrea (a.k.a. Mrs. Spiritual Guru Extraordinaire!) What a treat to have such a talented and fantastic guest writer! Thank you so much for your beautiful guest post! Wedding Style File <3 Harmony & Synergy!

  2. Deanna

    I absolutely loved reading about the Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony! Some parts brought me near tears. How beautiful and meaningful. These days, it seems most wedding ceremonies are nothing more than expensive parties, and vows are simply words professing one’s best intentions for the union. Thank you for sharing! Your personal wedding photos are beautiful and I enjoyed looking around Rachel’s website. I shall remember it as a future resource. :)

    • Thank you! I love attending weddings and really love learning about the deeper meanings of what is going on.

  3. Eileen

    I too loved reading this and thought it very meaningful.

  4. Mollie

    the article “guide to orthodox jewish wedding” seems to not be there anymore! Google says that it may have been hacked? boo! I have been using it to describe the wedding I will be having to my friends and family. Could you somehow re-post it or send it to me? Greatly appreciate it! I love the article!

    • Wow thank you for letting me know about that! Seems like the site that was hosting it took it off… will ask the owner about it asap!!

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