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Check out my new blog – All Hair Wrapping!

I just started a new blog called (you’ll love this) ~ WRAPUNZEL

I have moved all my tichel/scarf tying information over there because it was simply getting much too crowded to be a sub-section on this site.  There are also many ladies on here that want to be subscribed to just the scarf wrapping section and not the rest of the site, and I want to honour that need (aka those from other faiths, those dealing with hairloss, and those who want to learn about it for fashion purposes).  I’m very excited to create a site that is *just* about hair wrapping that will hopefully reach an even wider audience!


I will leave all of the current hair wrapping content on here for a while, but all new content will be posted on the new site (except maybe a monthly update here about what’s going on at Wrapunzel).  Eventually I will be taking the hair wrapping section down from here, unless it’s a personal post or something regarding hair covering in Judaism (halachot, hashkafa, etc.)

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