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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

This Past Weekend…

Something happened to me over Tu B’Shvat this weekend that I want to share.  I would love to hear if you have had similar experiences and/or if you have any feedback for me.  This is not your usual “harmony & synergy” video.  No inspiring conclusions, no exciting ideas… just something that I am dealing with …

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Three Magic Words

As a teenager in a high school classroom, I have received many an eye roll.  I had a reputation for being brainy, but certainly wasn’t the teacher’s pet.  “Boy, am I in for it” was one of the thoughts that teachers had when they found out I was to be in their class.  (Yes, one …

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For all the mommies!

… actually, this is for all women, not just mommies.  Thank you to those who inspired me to make this!  (You know who you are.) Click –> HERE <– to watch the video

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Guide to an Orthodox Jewish Wedding

I am honoured that I was asked to contribute a piece to a beautiful wedding site!  Rachel Cravit, the owner of the site, is a superb writer, and someone that I am also lucky to call a friend.  I hope you enjoy it pass on to wedding invitees that might want the lowdown beforehand.  Here …

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Check out my new blog – All Hair Wrapping!

I just started a new blog called (you’ll love this) ~ WRAPUNZEL I have moved all my tichel/scarf tying information over there because it was simply getting much too crowded to be a sub-section on this site.  There are also many ladies on here that want to be subscribed to just the scarf wrapping section …

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