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How to Find Your True Self

Here are some lessons about finding your truth from this week’s parsha!

This is so amazing.  The Torah actually gives us detailed instruction on how to go on a spiritual journey and what one needs to let go of in order to find clarity.  Amazing.

Click –> LEKH LEKHA and let me know what you think!


  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a little while and have been really enjoying it. I love your tichels and even wear one every now and again though I don’t have your knack down for tieing them. So far I only wear them for fashion and have gotten positive responses. I really do feel like I’m wearing a crown when wearing one. One of the women (an older lady) talks about how you see the real person more when the hair is covered and I can’t help thinking there is truth in that.

    I’m a Christian and really have been enjoying your talks. I find it most interesting to listen to the Jewish perspective on the Torah as it brings out a different perspective. I enjoyed this video on Lekh Lekha and when at the end, another video of a rabbi popped up talking about the same subject, I listened to him too (all 1 1/2 hours worth!!!). I’ve been holding a ladies’ Bible study on “Breaking Free” and it was so in line with what we were talking about that I shared about Lekh Lekha with them.

    I’ve read the book “Holy Woman” about Rebbetzin Kramer and enjoyed some concepts in there as well.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! While I do have a blog, mine isn’t near so meaningful as I just ramble about everyday life. I am a Canadian.

    • Thank you so much Eileen! It’s really true – I feel that I can shine so much more with my hair covered. It gives me a feeling of dignity that I never had otherwise.
      I’ve so glad that you found this site and it’s inspiring you and bringing more learning/growth to your life. That would the whole point of starting it, and reading comments like yours gives me so much inspiration!
      We all have so much to learn from each other. Thank you for sharing, and yay Canada!

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