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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

What Do Others Say About Tichels?!

Dear Andrea, “… is it professional?…” “… how does it affect…”  “… are people accepting of…” “… what does your community think?…” These are some sections of the emails that I’ve been receiving lately.  It seems that ladies are ready to start wearing tichels, but are curious/worried about how others are going to react.  Here is a …

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How to Find Your True Self

Here are some lessons about finding your truth from this week’s parsha! This is so amazing.  The Torah actually gives us detailed instruction on how to go on a spiritual journey and what one needs to let go of in order to find clarity.  Amazing. Click –> LEKH LEKHA and let me know what you …

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Does Being Righteous Simply Mean Being Better Than?

Here is a discussion about a paradox that we all have to deal with: how do we balance being a giving light to others, while also putting ourselves in a community that doesn’t corrupt us? The story of Noah teaches us this lesson beautifully.  In this video I discuss what it means to be “righteous …

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Meeting With a Very Special Woman

Yesterday, due to some planning and much “unplanning”, I got to meet Rivka Malka Perlman in person!  We had time to make a quick video, where we gab about tichels, modesty, colour, marriage and… superpowers! Click on and enjoy –>  Girl Talk with Rivka Malka

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Thinking about Shomer Negiah?

Are you (or someone you know) thinking about taking on the Jewish concept of guarding your touch (shomer negiah)?  Check our this video for some basic ideas, knowledge, and practical tips.  Enjoy! Click –> HERE  

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Marriage Advice from a Good Friend

My friend, Anna Sherman, has just started a blog and after poking around it for a bit, I asked if I could repost her “12 Commandments of Marriage”.  Check her out at  Double the Fun – We are One!  In my limited marriage experience (we celebrated our first year this summer), I think she is …

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