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A New Year!

Rosh Hashana (lit. head of the year) is often referred to as the ‘Jewish New Year’, but if you look at the Jewish Calendar, you’ll notice that it is celebrated on the seventh month of our year… why is this?

On this day, we are not commemorating the creation of the Jews. Instead, we are celebrating the creation of the whole world. We are celebrating the beginning of time as it is experienced today (the year is 5773… before that, time didn’t exist because it wasn’t ‘experienced’ in terms of basic physics.)

The Jewish Calendar is lunar, but we believe that time is circular. This means that in each yearly cycle, the same ‘energy’ or potential is once again in existence. This is why the time of Chanukah is a time of miracles and Pesach a time of redemption. We are not commemorating something that happened in the past. No, we are using the knowledge of what happened previously to help us tap into the potential energy that is residing in the world RIGHT NOW.

So Rosh Hashana – the birth of all creation – a new year. This is the time to become everything that you know you can be. This is the time to renew, to let go, to commit yourself to being better, to heal and reconnect. And most of all, to be happy. Our sages tell us that what we do during the 10 days from Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur plants a seed that will grow into our entire year. So let go of your guilt, do away with everything that is holding you back. Try to tap into this incredible energy of creation and use it to propel everything that you do over the coming days.

So knowing this, I want to wish you and the whole world an incredible birthday and new year. We are all separate parts of the whole miracle of creation… unique yet completely connected. I hope that this year brings you internal peace, and you can extend that peace to everyone that you meet. I hope that this year brings you clarity and personal growth, and that you can use this to become everything that you have ever dared to dream. I hope that you are always able to keep the big picture close to your heart, and that you never feel disconnected or lost. I hope that you will bring beauty and light into this world in your own individual way, and share it with those around you. May this year bring you more love and happiness than you ever hoped was possible, and may you supersede that every day because your heart just keeps growing more and more.

I want to wish the world a happy and sweet new year. I love you all very much and want to thank you for giving me such an incredible 5772. I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring for us! Kol tuv!


  1. I really love reading your blog..would love to meet you one day!

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