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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

A New Year!

Rosh Hashana (lit. head of the year) is often referred to as the ‘Jewish New Year’, but if you look at the Jewish Calendar, you’ll notice that it is celebrated on the seventh month of our year… why is this? On this day, we are not commemorating the creation of the Jews. Instead, we are …

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Let’s talk about… Tzniut!

It’s one of the most noticeable aspects of a Jewish woman… the way she dresses!  In this video I share some thoughts on tzniut, the origins of covering, and why I love dressing modestly.  Enjoy! Here it is –> Tzniut!

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How to Store Your Scarves/Tichels/Accessories

Take your tichel collection from disorganized to beautiful!  Here are some *STORAGE IDEAS* that I use and other ladies recommend, with the pros and cons of each option listed. How do YOU store your tichels?

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