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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

… and another how-to video!

In case my last post didn’t make up for my inability to make lots of new videos over the summer, here is another!  This tie makes it look like you have a super long braid coiled around your head, when really it’s just a variation of the “kosher pigtails” tie. Take a look –> Coiled …

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Three NEW Tichel Tying Tutorial Videos!

Good morning, world! I haven’t been able to make the time to put out as many new videos as I would have liked to this summer.  B’H, all good reasons!  So I made sure to take a few hours this morning and make some new ones!  I hope that you enjoy them!  (Click the links …

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~~~ Summer Ties ~~~

I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the ties I have been experimenting with in the summer!  The cotton scarves are perfect for the hot weather! Click –> New Summer Hair Wrapping Ideas

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