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New Ideas (Cast Your Vote!)

Vayehi Internet (and there was internet!)

Hello everyone!  These are four new exciting tying ideas that I’ve been experimenting with.  I love them all so much that I can’t decide which one to make a video tutorial of.  Which one would you like me do first?  Cast your vote!

#1 – Shabbat Formal:

#2 – Wedding Attendee Double Twist Braid:

#3 – Israeli Cris-Cross:

#4 – Under-Over Volumous Wrap:


  1. Stephanie Boyd

    Hello from me and my mother! I hope you can teach me a wrapping or two next year. I am collecting scarves bit by bit! Best wishes from my family to yours <3

  2. Chanah

    They all look nice. I think #2 is my favourite.

  3. Kurlene

    1 vote for #2, but they all look beautiful.

  4. I like either #1 (maybe a bit also because of your amazing smile) and #4… but all are ever so lovely! = )

  5. McKenzie

    The Israeli criss-cross is so pretty! I would love to see a video tutorial of it!!

    • Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to making it :)

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