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Shakshuka Recipe

My husband and I make shakshuka quite often (he taught me how back when we first started dating… thank you!)

Here is our recipe for basic, yummy shakshuka.  Scroll down and you’ll find tons of variations that you can try (highly recommended).  It’s a perfect meal for Pesach time (just eliminate the bread, obviously).  Filling, colourful, and extremely healthy.  Enjoy!


  1. I had shakshuka once while visiting Israel. I was very scared to eat it, and in retrospect, getting over the semi-cooked eggs, it wasn’t too bad. I’ve seen people cooking them to various degrees of “doneness” – I see you prefer it a bit runny… fun! :)

    • I prefer them with the whites perfectly cooked and the yolks just slightly runny. My husband prefers more cooked. It’s quite fun to make because the eggs cook in the order that you drop them in so none of them are equal! Enjoy :)

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